Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Three More Weeks

With only three more weeks left of my Hog's Back Project, the weather has changed and a blanket has covered the rocks along this fault line. It's not the first time that snow has fallen in our city, but with the warming trend that we experienced, where almost all of the previous accumulation had disappeared, I was wondering if we'd see a repeat of last year's unseasonal weather.

Only three more photos to take, and already I'm thinking of my next year-long project. What will it be? Where will I shoot? Will it be the same place all year long? Will I shoot one photo a week? One a day? One a month?

Three weeks to decide.


Monday, December 5, 2016

Where In Ottawa LX

For the 60th Where In Ottawa, I was going to be sneaky: I was going to post a photo that I had shot somewhere around 1986, a place that doesn't exist anymore, and still ask you to locate where it was.

Then I thought that maybe a large number of you may not have been born 30 years ago or were too young to know the location. You would have to rely totally on the clues in the coming days.

Maybe I'll still do that sometime in the new year.

For now, I'm content to show you a photo that I shot last night.

Never played my photo challenge before? Here are the rules:

Below, you will see a photo that I shot somewhere in Ottawa. Your job is to simply identify the location and leave your guess in the Comments section of this blog post.
Leave your guess in this post only. Do not try to contact me through Twitter or through Facebook, or even by e-mail, as I need all answers to be transparent to all players, and not everybody has access to me through other social media. This blog post is the one place where everyone can play along.

Plus, the comments are time-stamped, so everyone can see when an answer is submitted. If you try to guess by any other means, whether you're right or wrong, I won't respond to that guess and you can't win.
For every day that the challenge isn't solved, I'll leave a clue in the top-left corner of my blog. Above the This is Me section.

The first person to correctly identify the location wins the challenge. You can guess as many times as you like. Only bragging rights are claimed by the winner: there is no actual prize...

This just in: the wonderful folks at loveOttawa (Dwayne Brown and Anita Ruivo) have offered a loveOttawa t-shirt to the winner. Just one more reason to love this city. 
Ready for this month's photo? Here we go...

Think you know Ottawa? Prove it!

And good luck.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Photo Friday: Experimental Fog

I've been negligent of late, carrying my camera wherever I go but reluctant to use it.

I've been pushing myself to stop at Hog's Back Falls, to finish my year-long project. With only four more weeks to shoot, it would be a shame to give up now.

But apart from that project, I have taken no photos in the last two weeks, save three.

I had an appointment on Wednesday that took me along Prince of Wales Drive, past the Experimental Farm. With the dense fog that settled over the city, looking into the fields was tantamount to looking into oblivion. Only a few, bare trees left darkened shadows in the distance.

I promised myself that on my way back from my appointment that I would make a detour, would drive the narrow farm roads to take a photo or two.

I took three but only liked two of them enough to want to process them.

One, that I wanted to share.

I took my shots, jumped back into my Focus, and continued on my way, with another brief stop at Hog's Back.

And lunch.

And gas (for the car).

I'm going to have to bring my camera out more, this weekend: Where In Ottawa returns on Monday.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Throwback Thursday: I Am Loved

"Come snuggle with Daddy," I said, patting the sofa cushion next to me. "You know you love me."

This was said, in the voice that I used for my toddler daughter, last night, to my now 15-year-old. In response, she looked at me, head tilted to one side, right eyebrow raised, and a look on her face that said, "Okay, Dad, you've lost it."

In our newly refurnished family room, we have an oversized sofa and a leather IKEA Poang chair. The chair is mine: I claimed it when everything was moved into place. It's next to a window, where I can rest my beer glass and the remote control. DW and my girls spread themselves out across the sofa.

Only, last night, I wanted a change of venue, and so I sat on the sofa, on the end furthest from the TV. It was my old spot on the old sofa.

DW sat in my chair, and DD15 looked at the new arrangement, wondering where she was going to sit. I was in the spot that she usually claimed. I saw that she wanted to sit down, and I welcomed her over. "Snuggle wi' your da!"

She moved to the opposite end, her back to me.

"You know you love your dad," I reminded her.

I had the proof.

I keep all of the notes that my kids have left for me over the years, and it was only last week that I revisited one of my favourites. I moved it onto my phone, to keep it where I can look back, lovingly, on it.

I showed her the photo, and her face lit up. She remembered writing it, she said. It was written in 2010.

Ten minutes later, she had shifted her position on the sofa. She was snuggled next to me, her head resting, lovingly, on my shoulder.

Yup, I'm loved.