Friday, June 14, 2013

Photo Friday: Out of Juice

On Tuesday, I was finishing up a blog post for a friend and thinking of ideas for this week's Wordless Wednesday, when I just plain ran out of ideas.

I took a bunch of shots of my Tuesday workspace, sitting at the bar at Mill Street Brew Pub. Images of my iPad and bluetooth keypad, a pint of ale next to it. As the photos progressed the level of beer worked its way to the bottom of the glass.

I know: lame. That's why I didn't use it.

I felt uninspired, out of ideas, and out of creative juices.

That, and I hit a bit of depression. Yes, that happens from time to time. I'm not a perfect picture of happiness, but I try.

On Wednesday, I wasn't feeling any better, and so I stayed quiet, avoided social media altogether.

Ditto, Thursday.

I'm feeling better today, having pulled myself out of bed at 5:30 and onto my bike, which I rode for the first time since Saturday. And it felt great. I had an energizing ride to the office, stopping only at Bate Island to take this photo for my photo project.

Last night, I had an idea for Photo Friday, but I didn't have the energy to execute it. I'll try it over the weekend, and will aim for having it next week.

I'm hoping to use this weekend to get my head completely out of the dark fog that has consumed me these past few days, and plan to get back to my picture of happiness.

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