Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Do Over

If you could go back in time and re-do a day, would you? How would you do that day differently?

I honestly have no regrets. Sure, there are things that I wish I had done differently, but not done at all?


I look at my path, look at the detours. I look at what I wanted to do when I was younger, look how those dreams went by the wayside. I took a different path from what I thought I wanted, and I ended up here.

Would I do over?


I have no regrets.


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1 comment:

  1. Interesting question. I think I would go back, but not to the beginning. I'm happy with my career choice, but I'd like to go part way back to prepare myself to do something else when the time came that I was tired of working in high-tech (which happened when I was getting too old to do anything about it). It would be particularly useful right now, when I've been given a deadline by my employer to find a new job. But maybe this is a blessing, and a new job is what I need to rekindle my interest in technology.

    Non-career, I wish I had picked up my photography and travel bug sooner, but I'm glad to have those bugs now. Maybe one or both of those could have been my second career.