Friday, February 12, 2016

Photo Friday: The Hog's Back Project

Shortly after I finished my first photo project, on Bate Island, I wanted to choose another site in the city and take photos over the span of a year, but I found that something like my Bate Island Project took too much time. I stopped on the island every time I crossed the Champlain Bridge, which was usually twice a day, four times a week.

It was a huge commitment, took lots of time, in all sorts of weather, and had me encountering all kinds of people (some good, but mostly, weird).

I wasn't sure about where I wanted to go to repeat a similar project. It had to be somewhere that wasn't out of my way and was easily accessible, year-round. For the Bate Island Project, during the winter months, half of the roadway wasn't plowed, which meant that I had to blaze a trail through the snow (and we had a lot of snow over those two winters) and the cold (it was freezing both winters, too).

I didn't want to take a photograph every time I passed this spot. I wanted the option that, if the weather was rotten or the light wasn't right, I could skip a stop. I could say to myself, "not today. I just want to keep moving."

I also decided that I would only post one photograph each week, for a maximum of 52 weeks. If a vacation or other reason made me skip a week, so be it. I wasn't going to be a slave to this next project.

And so I located my spot.

It's one of the most dramatic waterfalls in the city (I can only think of three: are there more?) and the biggest fault lines in our region. It has a spot where I can stand and set my tripod in virtually the same location every time, though I have no plans to amalgamate these into another video. I started this project in the first week of January, and I will continue to the last week of December. I call it the Hog's Back Project. You can see it on my Flickr site.

I may not be writing a lot, these days, but my camera hasn't stopped.

Happy Friday!

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