Monday, July 25, 2016

What a Weekend

"Okay," DW said to me, as we were preparing for dinner last night, "name three things about this weekend that made you happy."

"Our friends," I said, without skipping a beat. We had just visited some friends that we had known since high school. For DW, she had known one of these friends even longer, since elementary school. We had visited two families at their respective cottages, just outside of Perth, with part of a third family that joined us. On Saturday evening, we went to the 200th anniversary celebration at the Perth Fairgrounds, where we listened to Blue Rodeo perform to some 3,000 fans.

I hesitated for the second thing. Really, the weekend was all about spending time with great friends. I could have mentioned the band, who I first saw in 1986, but my relationship with them is off and on. I recognize their talent and there are a few songs that I really like, but they're largely a country band. Their twangy numbers put me off.

So I came up with something else. "I liked how all the kids got along." Four families. Eight kids (a ninth was missed). Playing on the lakes, playing games in the cottages. It was nice to see.

The third thing was hard to come up with. We were visiting friends and their kids: what else was there to be happy about?

And then I remembered late on Saturday evening, when the moon rose above Black Lake.

That was it.

What three things made you happy this weekend?

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