Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Brown's Inlet

I've known it exists for decades, for as long as I've been a passenger or driver in a car that has traversed Queen Elizabeth Drive, between the Bank Street Bridge and Dow's Lake. But never, until this past weekend, have I wandered around Brown's Inlet.

This double-body of water, which was once a creek until the Rideau Canal made it expand into two ponds, is the 56th location for Where In Ottawa. And, before I could present one clue—and oh, the clues I had lined up—it was solved.

Congratulations to Jonathan Snook, who solved it by providing me with a Google street view of the spot.

I wandered the narrow, overgrown path between Wilton Crescent and Ralph Street, past multi-million-dollar houses (I'm going to live here when I become rich), and looked east-south-east, toward the parkway and Bank Street for the first time. It's so peaceful here.

Where In Ottawa returns September 5.

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