Monday, March 13, 2017

The International Pavilion

I've always been interested in the falls, not on the buildings that are next to them.

Sure, there's the Embassy of France, and the Global Affairs building (which, at one time, served as Ottawa's city hall).

But the structures that butt right against the Rideau Falls have never held my interest.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was shooting photos of the falls, looking for a photo of the day, I noticed a reflection of a Canadian flag in a window on the closest structure to the falls, as I shot the reflection, I noticed the blueness of the sky and the strong contrast that our flag made atop the adjoining building, and I thought, that would make a great Where In Ottawa location.

Thus we had the photo for this month's challenge.

That flag was atop the building that has largely been vacant these past couple of years, but I noticed that it was now housing some sort of exhibit, and I noticed that the building also had a name.

The International Pavilion.

Congratulations to this month's winner, Marc Bru, brewmaster for Square Timber Brewing Company. This is not the first time that Marc has solved my photo challenge, but it's been a while since I think I've seen him participate (if memory serves me, Marc won a couple of times in a row).

Here are the clues for March's contest, explained:
  1. There's a dropoff here—before I had posted the first clue, some players had guessed the Ottawa airport or the train station. Had they seen this clue, it might have strengthened their guess. But the dropoff I was thinking about was the waterfalls of the Rideau River.
  2. Exhibits a view—not only was the International Pavilion holding an exhibit to celebrate various countries, such as the US, Mongolia, and soon will showcase Israel, but the building has a great view of where the Rideau River and the Gatineau River meet the Ottawa River.
  3. From the US to Mongolia—when I took my photo of the pavilion, our friendship with our neighbours to the south was on display. During the first couple of days of the contest, it was Mongolia's turn to shine.
The building is owned by the NCC and is used for various exhibitions, and is sometimes known as the Confederation Pavilion.

I asked Marc what gave the location away, and it was the third clue that was the clincher. Because Marc has already received a copy of my book in a previous Where In Ottawa, he has declined the book that I was going to give away for this challenge. This means that next month, I'll offer it up again.

The next Where In Ottawa is Monday, April 3.

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