Friday, April 14, 2017

Photo Friday: Spring Sunset

One of the best places in Ottawa to watch the sunset is along the Ottawa River. It's really hard to capture a bad image unless, of course, the sun doesn't reveal itself. It's hard to tell a sunset is happening if the clouds have obscured your view.

There are lots of places to capture the sunset along the Ottawa River: from Bate Island, Westboro Beach, the Rideau Falls, Nepean Point, and Andrew Haydon Park are some of the popular ones. If you like sailboats, the Britannia Yacht Club offers spectacular views.

Last night, I decided to visit the Deschênes Rapids, which, at this time of year, do not reveal the swift-moving waters because of the spring runoff. The sky was cloudless, which doesn't always lend itself to sunsets with character, but the light wind on the river created small peaks and the shadow of the Québec side provides a stark contrast.

I set up my tripod and noticed that others had come out to watch the light show. Some, with cameras of their own; others, just standing there, taking it in.

This won't be the last photo of a sunset that I capture for my POTD. It's not even the last sunset of the Ottawa River. But it is the last clear-sky sunset, at Deschênes Rapids.

But it won't be my last time capturing the beauty from this spot.

Happy Friday!

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