Thursday, January 25, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Party Crashers

DW and her best friend, Kitty, have been close for as long as I've known either of them, and I knew Kitty before I even really knew DW. Kitty was the younger sister of one of my high-school friends, and when she started attending my school, I would often say hello to her when she passed in the halls.

DW swears that she was always standing right next to Kitty, but I never noticed her.

When DW and I started dating, in March of 1989, we would often hang around our respective friends. Today, it's hard to say whose friend is whose, we're all so intertwined. And, in early spring, DW, Kitty and I found ourselves downtown, enjoying a sunny afternoon.

At the War Memorial, we spied what looked like a group of important dignitaries or ministers, flanked by RCMP officers in their ceremonial garb. (If you every see Mounties dressed like this on TV, on regular duty, it's not authentic.)

"Hey," I suggested, "if you run up and pose in front of this group, I'll take a picture."

They didn't need further prompting.

DW and Kitty: photo-bombing before social media made it a thing.

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