Friday, October 21, 2011

The Horror of Corruption

This isn't a Photo Friday. Even though I used my new lens to shoot the pictures in this post, the subject in the photos is pretty lame for a Photo Friday. Read on before you look at the attached pictures.

I've been pretty busy at work this week, hence my lack of a blog post yesterday. And I'm going to apologize up front for a lame post today, but please bear with me. I'm pretty stressed these days and don't have a lot of time to think of a topic, let alone write about it.

At work, I have two deadlines that are looming for next week. And because other little tasks that have become bigger tasks have snuck in between my main projects, I'm finding myself in a crunch that is putting me into a panic. I'm starting to think that I might not be able to meet my deadlines, and that drives me nuts.

And so I worked over the past weekend and put in extra hours through the week. I told myself that unless anything bad happened, I just might get enough completed to hand off without shame.

And then, something bad happened. On Wednesday, I opened my project folder and found that some of my files were corrupted, meaning that I couldn't open them. And on top of that, the program that I use didn't make a backup file.

And then the horror of knowing I had done a rookie move struck me: I hadn't backed up my work on our server for a couple of weeks. All my work, down the drain.

Had you been in the office when I couldn't retrieve my files, you would have heard me screaming "F@CK! F@CK! F@CK!" like an angry sufferer of Tourette's.

But I'm better now. I was able to retrieve an older version of my file and repiece most of what I have lost from other files. Thank goodness for text insets. The work that took me more than a week to write was fixed in one day. One very, very long day.

But when I put my file back together and then jumped to where I was working before the corruption fiasco, I discovered an added character at the beginning of my section heading.

The character was also repeated in the header:

At least the character was trying to put me in a good mood after all the time I lost. You know, trying to tell me, Don't worry, be happy!

Happy Friday, and wish me luck as I scramble to meet my deadlines.


  1. The happy face in B&W almost seems sinister! Almost like an admission of responsibility left by the corrupter!

  2. Martin: I thought the same thing--almost as though the face was laughing, "Heh, heh, sucker!"