Friday, October 7, 2011

Look to Hintonburg

It's been a Hintonburg kind of week.

Last Sunday, as I was participating in the Worldwide Photo Walk, wandering through the photogenic streets of Hintonburg with some 35 or so other photographers, it dawned on me that I hadn't taken any photos for my Where In Ottawa contest, which I try to hold on the first Monday of each month.

Desperate to fulfill that promise to myself, I took a couple of snapshots, but because I was with a couple of people who follow my blog, I thought I was going to be giving away my mystery location (thankfully, one of my rules stipulates that people with me on such a shoot are ineligible for the contest).

But because my mystery photo coincided with my Photo Walk blog posts, I was certain that I was revealing the location of Monday's photo.

In the end, it was the clues that gave it away.

Congratulations to Glen Gower, October's Where In Ottawa winner. The location is St. Francis Church, in Hintonburg.

Here is a breakdown of the clues:
  1. Hint Hint—my hint was part of the name of the community: Hintonburg.
  2. You'd think it was in Little Italy, but no—this church, though it looks nothing like its namesake, is named after St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral, in Assisi, Italy. And yet, it's not located in Ottawa's Little Italy.
  3. Assisi? Bless you!—the giveaway: it sounds like a sneeze, and the "bless you" relates to the building being a church. The biggest church in Hintonburg.
Good work, Glen. And enjoy your copy of my book!

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