Monday, June 4, 2012

Where In Ottawa: June 2012

I was on fire.

The day after last month's Where In Ottawa challenge was solved, I was ready to do it again. So I carried my camera equipment with me to work, and afterwards I went exploring.

And not only did I find a spot, I thought up half a dozen clues to go with it. (That's unheard of: I usually think up a clue the night before I post it, and I often struggle to come up with something.)

There are no hints in what I'm saying: I went all over Ottawa and Gatineau before I found this location. And even after I first saw it, it wasn't until I thought about it and had to go back. So this photo could be almost anywhere.

Ready? Here goes...

Think you know where this photo was shot? Think you know Ottawa? Prove it!

The first person to correctly identify this location and leave the answer in the Comments section of this post (no Twitter or e-mail messages) will be awarded with either a PDF or a paperback copy of my novel, Songsaengnim: A Korea Diary. It's up to you.

If you have won a copy of my book in the past, you are not eligible to receive another copy. You can, however, still play and earn bragging rights.

Clues will be posted, as usual, on my blog starting tomorrow. They will appear in the top-right-hand corner of the blog, above the picture of yours truly. One clue will appear each day until the challenge is solved.

Good luck!

Update: the contest has been solved.

Congratulations to Richard Larocque, who correctly figured out that this month's location is the abandoned factory on Victoria Island, across the road from the Domtar buildings and the Chaudière Falls.

Because I had lots of clues lined up, I'm going to list them with the first clue, the only one that was required.
  1. Victoria times?: I'm not sure if this building is that old, hence the question mark. Certainly, the surrounding buildings are from the Victorian era. Unquestionably, this building is on Victoria Island.
  2. On the borderline: this factory is right on the Ontario-Québec border.
  3. On the brink of war: the location is along the river (the brink), near the National War Museum.
  4. You'll be singing the Blues from here: next month, the Ottawa Bluesfest will come to Lebreton Flats, on the grounds of the War Museum. The sound will be loud and clear of the walls of this tower.
  5. A river runs through it: there are various channels of the Ottawa River that flow around and through Victoria Island.
  6. Got a booth with a view?: the road is Booth Street.
  7. Graffiti pretties it up: I don't have a picture to show you until Friday, but there's some pink graffiti on one side of the building.
So there you have it. Again, congratulations, Richard. Your copy of my book awaits you.


  1. Is it one of the old E.B. Eddy building?

    1. That's a fairly vague guess, I think. There are lots of buildings that are associated with E.B. Eddy. That's sort of like asking if it's one of the government buildings in Tunney's Pasture.

      I'm not saying you're right, but can you be more specific? Which building did you have in mind?

    2. I was banking on your generosity ;) I don't know the buildings enough to be more specific. I will however keep my eyes open.

      I really enjoy this contest! Good way for me to learn more about Ottawa. Still a lot to learn even if I've been here since '83.



    That is it!

  3. Just before you cross over the steel Chaudiere bridge on Booth Street going toward Hull, there is a building on your right, on the water. I think the picture was taken of a protruding part of the building looking toward Ottawa.

    I hope I've got it.

    1. Yes, Richard, you've got it! Exactly!