Thursday, June 12, 2014

No Time for Apathy

Today, Ontarians get the opportunity to show their politicians how they feel. This is their opportunity to determine the direction in which their province will go.

It is no time to be apathetic.

Political analysts, columnists, and watchdogs have speculated that this election isn't a sure thing for any of the party leaders. The Liberals are embroiled in nasty scandals, the Conservatives have a far-right idealist whose math seems terribly skewed, and the NDP, whose leader seems likable enough, just doesn't seem to draw enough confidence to lead the province.

But if we don't get enough people out to vote, we will end up with a government that the majority doesn't want anyway.

I've said it many times before (and I'm not the first to say it): if you don't vote, you forfeit your right to complain. But I'd like to go one step further. If you don't vote, you're working against your province. You're stunting the growth of good governance.

Not voting is not apathetic. It's simply pathetic. Staying at home doesn't send a message to the politicians. It sends a message to all Ontarians, and that message is: you're too lazy to care.

If you have a leaning toward a particular party, show it. Get out and vote. If you have no leaning toward a party or leader, show it. Get out and vote by scratching your ballot or, better yet, declining it. Your ballot still gets counted, but in essence you have formally voted for none of the candidates. And that's a message that gets heard.

However you vote, get out there.

It's better to say you went out there and made a difference than to say you did nothing at all. And made no difference.

Be the change.


Don't know where to go to vote? Check out the Elections Ontario site.

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