Monday, June 2, 2014

Where In Ottawa XXXVII

It's that time of the month, and this month marks a special occasion.

This weekend marked the third anniversary of The Brown Knowser. Thank you for following over the years.

To mark three years of this blog and 781 posts, I am presenting the thirty-seventh Where In Ottawa photo challenge.

For those of you who are new to my blog (welcome!), here is how the game is played: below is a photo from somewhere in the city. If you think you know the location of the photo, leave an answer in the Comment section of this post. The first person who correctly identifies the location wins the challenge and will receive a copy of my novel, Songsaengnim: A Korea Diary.

But there are rules.
  • If you were with me when I took the photo (I was alone this time), you cannot play.
  • If you have won the challenge in the past, you can still play but I will not award a giveaway: you will have to settle for bragging rights only.
  • Only answers submitted to the Comment section will be accepted. Tweets, Facebook messages, e-mail, and any other form of communication will not receive a response.
Beginning tomorrow, if the location hasn't been found, I will leave a clue each day on my blog until the challenge is solved.

So, are you ready? Here's the image:

Think you know Ottawa? Prove it! 

Update, June 6: Where In Ottawa has been solved. Tune in on Monday, June 9, to see the location.


  1. Replies
    1. Hmm... I don't know how to respond to this guess. There are many locations for The Beer Store. To win a challenge, you have to be specific.

  2. A former, now closed, Beer Store :)

    1. Is there such a thing? ;)

      Instead of you listing every beer store in Ottawa, let me save you some time: NO!

      Keep guessing!

  3. It's the building next to Brewer Park Pond which used to house the canteen when the beach was still open :)

    1. Yes!

      Bonus point: do you know the name of it? I do! ;)