Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our Foreign Affairs Minister Should Keep His Big Mouth Shut

Canada's minister of foreign affairs, John Baird, says that Canadians stand behind Israel in its conflict with Hamas.

I don't know which Canadians he's talking about, but I don't know of any Canadian who condones the killing of civilians, of bombing hospitals, shopping malls, and United Nations-run schools. To date, the number of dead in Gaza is close to 1,400, many of them children.

At the time of writing this post, 56 Israeli soldiers have been killed as a result of the conflict and three Israeli civilians.

Let me be clear: I am against the rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas. This region of the Middle East has been in conflict for millennia, as different people from many civilizations have tried to claim it for their own. And as they try to claim it, there has always been bloodshed.

I think there will always be bloodshed in this region.

So yes, Hamas is stirring the shit by sending rockets into Israel.

But the Palestinian people in Gaza are walled in, with nowhere to go. For the Israeli government, attacking Gaza is like shooting fish in a barrel. And the Israelis have the bigger weapons.

I don't like wars, I don't like people killing people. No matter the reason. No matter what side. To take so many innocent civilians is disgusting. The Israeli government should be ashamed of itself.

I'm a typical Canadian, and that's how typical Canadians feel.

So, no, John Baird, I do not stand behind Israel any more than I stand behind Hamas. I do not support a government that indiscriminately kills women and children who are simply going about their day. I do not accept the excuses by the Israeli government that these hospitals and schools are hiding Hamas terrorists.

If that is true, you don't kill the innocent people who are being used as shields. You find another solution.

Keep your big mouth shut, Baird. Canadians want nothing to do with a country that murders civilians.

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