Friday, August 1, 2014

Photo Friday: Sunflowers

There's a small patch of sunflowers in the Greenbelt, along Greenbank Road. It's on your right-hand side, if you're travelling south, toward Barrhaven, between Hunt Club Road and Fallowfield.

The patch is surrounded on three sides by corn stalks and is set back a ways from the road. You don't see it until you are almost upon it. And then, seconds later, you're past it, returned to the monotony that is experimental farmland.

You have to be careful if you pull over and stop: there are lots of accidents that occur on this stretch of roadway. To see over the chain-linked fence, you must stand on the shoulder of the road, but that too is hazardous. If you walk to the pedestrian/bicycle path that follows Greenbank Road, in the recessed ditch, the field is obstructed.

But if you climb onto the raised sewer cover, which lifts you by about three feet—just under a metre—you're okay.

A 300mm lens should do it.

I've wanted to stop for about a week to take this photo, but I either wasn't travelling with my camera, the lighting wasn't right, or I had a passenger in the car with me who wouldn't appreciate the stopover.

Last night, I made a point to go out there on my own.

There is something else in the Greenbelt that I've wanted to shoot for years. Next week, I'll take the time to capture it. If all goes well, I'll share it next Friday.

Happy Friday!

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