Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just Perfect

Midge Ure said it best.

To paraphrase, music today has become too contrived, over-produced from cookie-cutter production houses, with more contributors to the creation of a song than the list of ingredients in a ready-made cake*.

Just add water. Just add singer.

Rare is it, on the hit charts, a good song that is conceived, written, performed, and produced by the actual artist. Now is the age of Beyoncé, of One Direction.

As Midge put it, there are too many Karaoke singers.

And so it is a good thing that we still have legends like Midge Ure, who continue to create, to compose, to give life to music.

Midge Ure played to a packed house at the Black Sheep Inn, last night, and exceeded expectations. After more than 30 years, he can still belt it out, without an auto tuner, showing his fans that he and an acoustic Fender can create a warm, intimate atmosphere.

Between numbers, Midge delighted the sold-out crowd with wit, humour, and personal anecdotes. He played songs from his new album, Fragile, some of his older hits, and more classics from his days in Ultravox. Before arriving, I wondered how he would cover songs that generally have a heavy synthesizer presence, using only an acoustic guitar, but Midge is a master, and he sustained a high energy.

It has been more than 25 years since I last saw Midge perform live: I'm hoping I don't have to wait many more before he returns.

I felt honoured to be able to meet with him, after the show, to chat, to tell him how I've admired him, how he has inspired me and influenced my artistic side. I was also honoured when he thanked me for helping get the word out about his show, when he wished me a happy birthday, and when he accepted a copy of my book.

I swear, I didn't ask him to hold up my book. The evening was all about seeing him. But I'll take the unsolicited promotion, with much gratitude!

Midge is mentioned in the story, and one of his songs plays a small but important part.

Attending Midge's performance was a delight, but what made the evening even more special was to have so many friends and family members join me for the evening. Thank you to my parents, Faye and Greg, to my sister, Holly, and to my wonderful friends, John, Kerry, Becca, Krista, Katheleen, Russ, Nina and her family, and Ed.

I feel so privileged. The night was perfect. Just perfect.

ilThere was cake, by the way. It was delicious.

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