Monday, March 23, 2015

Music Monday: Don't Walk Past

A couple of months ago, while I was reminiscing about old 80s music, a song came into my head and I immediately checked to see if it was available for download on Google Play.

The song was "Don't Walk Past," by Markham, Ontario, band, Blue Peter. In 1983, this song was popular among my close friends, in high school. I owned the album, Falling, and I think I played the vinyl disk until the grooves wore out. In the days of mixed audio cassettes, I made sure this song featured prominently.

On my smartphone, "Don't Walk Past" is now part of the rotation.

Earlier this month, as Midge Ure wrapped up his stellar show at the Black Sheep Inn, his promoter came on stage and asked the audience if they would be interested in seeing some performers, who were contemporaries of Midge, play at the Black Sheep. These 80s-era performers included Howard Jones, Chalk Circle, and Blue Peter.

I almost blew out my vocal chords in cheering. Any three of these acts would bring me to the Black Sheep, but considering I had just rediscovered Blue Peter, my enthusiasm erupted uncontrollably. While none of these performers came close to moving and influencing me like Midge Ure, they are part of my musical history, helped contribute to the person that I am today (as far as my tastes in music, at least).

Here's the video. Enjoy. If Blue Peter or any of these other performers make their way to Wakefield, do yourself a favour and see them.

Happy Monday!

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