Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cancer Sucks

I don't know of a single person who hasn't been affected by cancer. Whether they have had the misfortune of the disease itself or know a friend or loved one who has had it.

I have lost more than my fair share of friends and family to this horrible disease, which manifests in so many heinous ways.

But I have also known those who have fought the disease and won.

It is to these people that this month's Where In Ottawa is dedicated.

Congratulations to the person known simply as Marc, who has once again correctly identified the location for the Where In Ottawa photo challenge; this time, at the Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Park. Built in 2008, this beautiful park is situated at the corner of Alta Vista Drive and Industrial Road.

Because cancer is a serious subject, I didn't want to make light of this place. For clues, I used lines from songs that would lead followers to this place; hopefully, without offending anyone.

Here are the clues, explained:
  1. At first I was afraid, I was petrified... --the lyrics come from the Gloria Gaynor hit, "I Will Survive." Enough said.
  2. There's no cure, there's no answer... --these lyrics come from Joe Jackson's song, "Cancer." While it's a cutesy song, the disease is anything but.
 I hope I have placed some musical earworms upon you.

This month marks the annual Movember fundraiser for men's prostate cancer. If you can, please give. You can also make donations to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Let's beat this disease.

The next Where In Ottawa is Monday, December 7.
Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Park.
Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Park.

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