Thursday, October 27, 2016

Let There Be Light

Sink's in place (but not connected).

Range hood has arrived (but not installed).

Electrician has made his final visit, connecting wires to the island, installing pot lights, puck lights in glass-door cabinets, and hung pendant lights. (I picked up the pendant lights, making a last-minute decision--texting images to DW, who was at work--hours before the electrician arrived.)

The kitchen is brighter than it's ever been and will be even brighter when we install the under-counter lighting. We haven't chosen those lights yet but got the electrician to install the wires. I trust myself enough to hook them up myself.

Here's the kitchen, as of last night.

Next on the agenda: the drywaller arrives next Tuesday; the counter top gets installed on Wednesday. I will cut and install the baseboards after that and will move the family room furniture back into place. Then comes the backsplash, the range hood goes up, the plumber installs the dishwasher and hooks up the sink, the gas line goes in, and then the stove.

It's almost done. Stay tuned...

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