Thursday, October 20, 2016

Retrospective Drinking

For those who follow my other blog, Beer O'Clock, I have to acknowledge that I haven't posted a review in more than a month, but I have a couple of reviews written and I will publish them in the coming days.

I haven't stopped trying new beer and making notes: I just haven't typed up those notes.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, through Untappd, you know that I haven't stopped drinking beer. As of this blog post, I have checked in on the social-media beer database 1,456 times with 802 distinct brews. I started using the app more than four years ago.

I don't drink a lot: I drink often.

When I think about the various beer that I've consumed in my lifetime, my thoughts have occasionally turned to the beer that I drank when I lived in South Korea: Hite, OB Lager, and Cass were the three major beers that could be found in corner stores in 1997 to 1999. These were the ones I drank on a regular basis, when I wasn't drinking soju, mokolli, or when I could find imported wine.

And reflecting on these beers, I wondered: is it fair to log these brews on Untappd? If you use that app, have you retroactively added a beer to your database records?

I haven't logged those Korean brands, but I would like your input: what do you think?

While I wait, I might have beer number 1,457.


  1. I decided that I would not enter beers that I tried before I signed up. It makes it more fun for me, but you should do whatever makes you happiest. Perhaps a compromise would be to take a vacation back and try them all again!

    1. If I returned to Korea, I wouldn't drink any of these beers again. They were so bad that I actually craved a Molson Canadian. That's how bad they were!