Friday, November 25, 2016

Photo Friday: Back to the Beginning

Almost 17 years ago, in November of 1999, when our house was under construction, the developers kindly gave DW and me unlimited access to check out the progress. It worked in our favour: we were able to ask for modifications before the work was done and we also saw minor problems that could be easily rectified before further work would have made it more complicated after all the work was completed.

As walls went up, floors were laid, and hardware was installed, I made sure to bring a camera to capture the development of what would be our home in a couple of months.

Looking back on some of those photos, I found some of our kitchen, as the cabinets were being installed. It was interesting to see the room in such disrepair, knowing that only a couple of months ago, this room looked almost the same. Only, the floor was being ripped up and the counters pulled off.

With less than a week before our home renovations are finally completed, it's nice to see it as the original configuration was newly taking shape.

It's nostalgia, but seeing what we've created now, I wouldn't ever want to go back.

Happy Friday!

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