Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Supermoon Sky

That's right: I missed the bright moon rise over a crystal-clear sky on Sunday.

I saw that huge celestial satellite lift off from the horizon. But I was driving and my camera was at home. I told myself that it was okay: I was living in the moment and enjoying the spectacle with my own eyes, instead of though a lens and digital screen.

Monday night's super moonrise was supposed to be as glorious, possibly bigger, possibly brighter. I knew I would be at work and would be leaving right around the time of the next moonrise, and I always have my camera and tripod on me.

Too bad the sky didn't come prepared.

Behind my office lies dense Gatineau forest. The leaves on the trees are almost completely laid bare; only the lush evergreens hinder a view through the dense brush. I could see cloud in the sky but couldn't determine how thick it was, whether it would allow the light to shine through.

It did, and it didn't.

I swapped my 70-300mm lens for my 10-20, and focused not on the giant globe that was lifting itself up, but the tattered blanket that stretched between the sky and my camera.

There was a supermoon last night. It helped light up the sky.

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