Friday, June 9, 2017

Photo Friday: Seconds

It was the longest time, in the past seven years or so that I've been on social media, that I've been offline.

No blog post. No Twitter. No Facebook. No Instagram. No Flickr.

Nothing, for eight days.

To strengthen my resolve, I turned off my smartphone and left it on my bedside table before we left for Montreal, from where my family and I headed to Cayo Coco, Cuba. I knew that if I brought my phone with me, I'd be tempted to use it, even though Internet access was spotty, at best, and expensive—more than two Canadian dollars for an hour.

Being off the grid, so to speak, had one disadvantage. With my Photo of the Day (POTD) project, I'm supposed to take a photo of something new every day, photo-edit it, and post it to all of the aforementioned social-media platforms.

I did bring my Android tablet, which I use to pull the images from my D-SLR, but I remained offline, enabling the WiFi only to communicate between camera and tablet. As soon as I had uploaded the images I wanted to use, I re-enabled Airplane Mode.

Opened Snapseed, edited the photos, picked what I felt was the best shot of the day—sometimes requesting the input of my girls—and stored that image in a POTD folder on the micro-SD card in the tablet.

Once I was back home, I shared the images.

Every day, I had at least two images that I liked and considered using as my POTD. I always pared my selection down to only two before I called upon my family members to help me make my final choice. As soon as I had the POTD, the second choice went into another folder, labelled Cuba.

Now, home, I wondered what to do with these extra photos. These seconds.

Share them, of course.

If you're interested in hearing more about my family's Cuban getaway, the story continues on Monday.

Happy Friday!

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