Monday, September 18, 2017

Feeling Knotty

I started writing a blog post, last night, but I couldn't get all of my thoughts out right; and so, I decided to give that one a rest.

I had a busy weekend and as Sunday drew to a close, so did my brain. And so, to keep my bog going, I thought I would post some of the photos that I shot last evening.

I was too tired to travel far from the house for my Photo of the Day (POTD) project, so I walked out to my back yard, which has been mostly neglected this summer, and searched for something with my macro lens.

I was hoping to find some interesting insects on the milk weed that we grow for the butterflies, but I only found one common house spider and a couple of tiny ants that were doing some sort of recon.

I followed my fence, toward the gate, and, as though I had never seen them before, focused on the many knots in our red cedar, now mostly aged silver.

I'm feeling a bit knotty, I joked with myself. My POTD was feeling like a bit of a cheat, that I wasn't putting the effort into my project.

It wasn't until I saw the tiny, yellow leaf, resting against the hood of our CR-V, with the shadowy reflection of the tree from whence it came, that I had my photo for my project. The knotty shots, I said, would have to get stored away for another time.

Until, of course, my brain wound down and I couldn't finish my intended post.

So, here I am, feeling a bit knotty.

Happy Monday!


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