Friday, September 8, 2017

Photo Friday: Odds

I find that when you shoot for a daily-photo project, a lot of photos get tossed aside.

I may try to post one or two of these photos on Facebook or in a quick tweet, but for the most part, these extra photos get pushed into a storage folder, where they're forgotten, or worse: left to sit on my phone, where they eventually get deleted.

So much waste.

I've been to Montreal three times over the summer, for various reasons: family reunions, Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, photo walks, rock concerts. I've taken hundreds of photos, yet many of them have been stored away, forgotten.

On my last trip to Montreal, DW and I made a quick trip to see a concert: Matthew Good opened for Midnight Oil. It was, perhaps, one of the best concerts I've ever seen, perhaps only bested by Peter Gabriel in the early 90s.

Before the show, DW and I went in search of a good dumpling restaurant in Chinatown (didn't find it) and then made our way toward Place des Arts and the underground mall.

I had never been underground here; at least, not in recent memory. Either that, or the fountain was new, added within the last five or six years. It was mesmerizing, reminded me of some fountains that DW and I had encountered in 1998, in a shopping mall in Fukuoka, Japan.

Dancing columns of water and powerful jets, with multi-coloured lights.

I took a half-dozen or so photos, but of course, over time, I deleted them, thinking I'd never use them.

Except for one, which I removed from my camera, last night. It doesn't show the individual columns, how they played. It only shows the colour and the power of the jet.

Odds, for the sharing.

Happy Friday!

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