Monday, November 20, 2017

I Love Photography

More than my desire to write, over the past couple of months, has been my desire to catch the light as it reflects off the objects that are captured through my camera's lens.

And yet, as I've taken thousands of photographs in this time—indeed, the several thousand photos this year—I find that my desire to process those images has waned.

I have hundreds of unprocessed photos still stored on the data cards in my camera. I have focused on the images that make it to my Photo of the Day project, and have ignored all the others.

When I have taken the time to remove the images from my camera, they have been cataloged in hard drives and forgotten.

I need to give them some love.

Some have stories that accompany them, and those stories need to be told.

Not today.

Hopefully, though, some time, starting this week.

I need to retrieve those images, need to bring them to life, and then tell the stories.

This weekend, I gathered all of the cameras that are in my house, minus the camcorders and the smartphones that belong to DW, DD16, and DD14. Minus, also, the camera that I found in a box with darkroom equipment, that I learned belonged to a longtime friend.

I placed them in a pile, wanted to capture them in a random pattern, but found myself laying them down, gently, so that I could see them all.

I wanted to include my own smartphone, which is used as often to capture images as my D-SLR. Of course, to do that, I wouldn't have a camera in which to capture this gathering. So I used a proxy: my last smartphone, which hasn't been used since I replaced it, in March.

Both it and my current smartphone look identical. Problem solved.

Over the many decades, I've loved photography, loved the cameras that have captured all of my images. All of these cameras have done so at one time or another.

Now, it's time to refocus on the recent images I've captured, but ignored.

Stay tuned.

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