Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brown Knowser on The Brown Knowser

Every once and a while, I perform a Google search on myself and my blogs to see what comes up. To see if I've actually written something that is worth copying. So far, other sites have sited some of my writing but no one has outright copied it.

Last week, it seems that I had performed my first search since I launched The Brown Knowser, and I was surprised to learn that I had inadvertently copied something myself. Well... not copied. Not really. Because I didn't know that what I had used had already been used before. So it's not really copying.

And what I had copied doesn't infringe on anyone's copyright.

Just what did I use that isn't original? I used the name Brown Knowser.

Apparently, there was a WWII B-24 bomber that also went by the name Brown Knowser. Same spelling. And the pilot of this Liberator was Thomas Frank Brown. No relation, I'm sure.

I tried to find more information about this plane and its crew, but so far to no avail.

Because you can't copyright a title, there's no infringement, so I'm safe. But it's funny what comes up when you Google yourself!

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