Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Instagram Photos

One of the things that I love about my iPhone (yes, I said "love" and "iPhone" in the same sentence, get over it!) is that I can combine my photography with my tweeting. Okay, my phone is never going to replace my Nikon, but depending on what I'm shooting, it's not a bad instamatic-type camera.

One of the apps that I've added to my phone is Instagram, with which I can quickly shoot a picture, apply a number of cool filters to it (or not), write a caption, add a location, and send it out through Twitter, Facebook, or other electronic means, including by e-mail.

I wish there were a way to instantly post these photos to my blog. Last week, I showed you one of these pictures. But to do that involved me e-mailing the picture to myself, saving the photo, and then creating a post. If anyone knows of a way that I can access my blog directly through Instagram, please let me know.

So today, because I didn't have much to say, I present you with a couple of photos that I shot with my iPhone and posted on Twitter, using Instagram. And by e-mailing it and all that stuff.

A flower in my back yard.

Shadows on Sparks Street.

Get used to seeing more of these photos down the road.


  1. I love Instagram too! It's the perfect app for a photo/social media junkie like me. The filters are fun, and you can actually get some really amazing shots. I wish they'd update it with a faster shutter speed, but other than that I have no complaints.

    I do use Camera+ as my 'real' camera app on iPhone, but I love how Instagram gives you the option to import photos from your camera roll. Win!

  2. Have you tried They will publish the direct link to the picture (if you click on the T|M|L beside each pic.

    Oh wait! I also just tried the web link from one of my IG pics - if you right click on it you can copy the URL, and blogspot should be able embed that.

    Who are you on IG?