Friday, July 1, 2011

We Got Lucky

For those of you on Twitter, who wished me and my family luck in going downtown to see Will and Kate: thank you!

We got lucky.

We took forever getting out of the house this morning. Leisurely breakfast, getting dressed and packing up, walking to the transitway, and taking the bus downtown. By the time we arrived, it was a quarter to eleven: one hour before the royals were scheduled to ride along Rideau Street in a Landau. We were pooched, I told Lori. But we all agreed that we would make our way up to the War Memorial and at least take in the crowds.

As predicted, the crowd that pressed up along the barriers were about 20 or so deep. Police kept a pathway behind the throngs where people could still move, but not stop. The crowd continued around the property of the memorial grounds. But much to our surprise, a lamppost that was easily scalable was vacant. No one was even standing around the base.

We took our chances. We hoisted up the kids and then I followed. We could see the road clearly over the heads of those pressed against the barriers.


I had no problem capturing Will and Kate as they rode by. So thanks for wishing us luck! It really paid off.

More photos are available on my Picasa Web album, including photos of the evening's fireworks, where Kate and William made a surprise appearance. I guess they wanted to see Sam Roberts and Great Big Sea, among other performances.

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