Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Book at the End of the Tunnel

Almost there!

Chŏnju Gaeksa, courtesy Wikipedia
I was in touch with my publisher yesterday. There has never been a deadline for my book, Songsaengnim: A Korea Diary. When I was finished writing it, I was to let them know, to send it along. They would have an editor look at it and provide me with feedback.

With the feedback returned, I read the comments and was encouraged. I took the suggestions to heart, and in many ways I implemented changes. It took me all summer and into the fall, but I was under no deadline.

I submitted my second draft, and after more discussions I made a few final changes. And then I was done. I was satisfied with the results.

Over the Christmas holidays, I was presented with the proofs for my book. It was great to see the cover that the publisher had chosen, to read the synopsis and my bio, and to see how the pages were formatted. I reviewed the proofs, suggested changes, and sent the book back.

In January, I received the second proof, but because I was busy with work projects and other self-made commitments, I didn't get to the second proof right away.

No problem: there was no deadline.

Except, there really was.

I needed to get this book out, needed to see it in print form. I needed to hold an actual bound copy in my own hands. And most importantly, I needed to start working on my next book in earnest, without the production of Songsaengnim hanging over my head.

And so I reviewed the second proof. And I was satisfied with the changes that the publisher made. I sent the approval forms to the publisher and held my breath.

I heard from my publisher yesterday. My book is now in its post-production phase. The proofs have been sent to the printer.

According to my publisher, I should have that printed copy in my hands in the next couple of weeks.

And then you can have yours. Stay tuned.

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  1. What an incredible accomplishment. Congratulations!!