Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo Friday: One Photo, Three Apps

I love discovering new photo programs on my smartphone. They let me improve my photos, get artsy with them, and share them out to the world.

The other week, I discovered a couple of new apps and decided to play with them. I took one photo from my Camera Roll on my smartphone, processed the photo through one app to get a special effect, added another image with a second app, and then put the photo through one final process with a third application before sending it out through Instagram.

Here's the original photo. Though I have it on my phone, it was actually shot with my D-SLR. It's a photo of the beach in North Berwick, Scotland, just a short walk from Roland Axam's fictional home.

The first app I ran this photo through is called PerfectPhoto. It allows you to enhance a photo or apply special effects. For fun, I applied the Invert special effect, which turns your positive image into a negative. The result was quite dramatic.

I then enhanced the brightness and contrast of the new image, but felt I wanted something a little more. The image, with its new, rich sky, seemed alien. So I moved to another application to build on that theme.

The second photo app is called LensLight, and it allows you to overlay light effects, such as water drops, light apparitions, and other cool light-distortion effects. It also lets you drop the moon into your image, making it any size. So that's what I did.

Finally, I imported the image into Instagram, applied one more filter, and sent the following image to my Twitter friends.

What do you think?

I'm not about to start making a ton of photos like this one, but it was kind of fun playing with the different apps and creating something with all of them.

What about you? What are your favourite photo apps? What's the wildest image you've created?

Happy Friday!

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