Friday, April 27, 2012

Photo Friday: Diner

Last week, the family and I spent three-and-a-half days in Buffalo, NY, for a dance competition. It was the first time that any of us had been to this city and I have to say, it was a nice place to visit.

Sure, there was evidence that Buffalo was feeling the effects of the economic slowdown, but we did our best to inject some cash into their economy. A bit.

One of the places we visited was an old diner that had been restored to its former glory: the Lake Effect Diner. It was cosy, clean, and the food was pretty decent—not haute cuisine, but good, solid diner food. Served with a smile.

Typical comfort food.

Not having my D-SLR but wanting to capture some memories, I did what I could with our Canon point-and-shoot. Here's some of what I caught.

For comparison, I also shot some photos with my iPhone. Here are those shots:

Which shot(s) do you prefer?

If you're ever in Buffalo, stop in at the Lake Effect. I recommend the pulled-pork sandwich, washed down with an Oreo-mint milkshake. Decadent. Delicious.

So, what's your comfort food when eating out?

Happy Friday!

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