Friday, April 20, 2012

Photo Friday: Sunset Bridge

I love that we're getting into the nicer weather. Warmer days, mild evenings. I love that the days are getting longer, that soon we'll be enjoying those late summer evenings when the sun will fall below the horizon later and later.

On an evening the other week, the family and I were heading westbound along the Ottawa River Parkway, when we saw a gorgeous sunset. Normally, there's nowhere to pull over on the Parkway, but we were near an old, abandoned on-ramp, near the Bayview transit station. The on-ramp hasn't been used in decades, was once part of the transitway. So I took advantage of the situation, pulled into that lane, and then backed our vehicle down the ramp, well away from the flow of traffic.

Though my D-SLR is out of commission, Lori had her camera with her. I borrowed it and snapped a few pictures.

Like this one.

And this one.

What shooting these photos did for me was to appreciate the coming of the long, lazy days and to reflect on what a lovely city we live in.

It also made me miss my camera. A lot.

Happy Friday.

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