Friday, May 30, 2014

Photo Friday: Hawksley

"I'm sorry, professional cameras are not allowed at the show."

"Define professional," I said, holding my Nikon D80 with an 18-55mm kit lens mounted on it. "This camera is hardly professional. My wife's point-and-shoot has a greater range than this lens."

The man at the door, who took my ticket, looked at the camera again. "I suppose it's okay," he said as he waived me through.

Once we were comfortable in our seats, I reached into my inside jacket pocket and retrieved my 70-300mm zoom lens and swapped it on the camera.

Still far from a professional camera, but I now out-powered my wife's Canon PowerShot by a considerable amount.

I didn't like to mislead the doorman to the Hawksley Workman concert, but I wanted photos. Not to sell but to enjoy and share with my friends.

At last weekend's Ottawa Race Weekend, runners and spectators were treated to a free concert by Hawksley. Lori, after completing her 10K run and having cleaned up at Jack Purcell Community Centre, decided it was a great reward for a great run.

There was no security searching for "professional" cameras.

I used the same camera, the same lens.

Thanks for the show, Hawksley. Sorry for sneaking my camera in to your show a few years ago.

Happy Friday!

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