Monday, November 17, 2014

Music Monday: Gyre

And now, for something completely different.

I'm not all about rock and adult alternative music. I also love blues and jazz, and when it comes to jazz, my tastes vary as much as the available styles. I love big-band sounds and bossa nova, but nothing gets my toes tapping like Gypsy jazz.

Yesterday, my family battled the snow on worn-out summer tires to get to the small Gatineau town of Wakefield, where we joined family at the Black Sheep Inn to see a performance of the Halifax band, Gypsophilia.

The six-member ensemble features guitarists Alec Frith, Nick Wilkinson, and Ross Burns, with Burns adding percussion and a few obscure instruments to add colorful and creative sounds. Burns also spoke for the band between numbers, though all of the members were engaging. Adam Fine played a mean stand-up bass; Matt Myer played keyboard and trumpet, his trumpet harmonized beautifully with Gina Burgess and her violin.

The performance was held to a full house with a wide variety of ages, from the very young (2 or so, and my kids) to the grey-haired music lovers.

I loved Gypsophilia's show so much that I haven't stopped thinking about them, and had to share. If you get the chance, go and see them.

Here's one of their songs, Gyre: this video was recorded at the Halifax Jazz Festival in 2010. What my family and I noticed right away was that Burgess' hair is much longer than it was yesterday (but her sound is no less impressive).


I know: this isn't my usual Music Monday genre, but it's no less important in my repertoire of musical taste. I should share more music like this.

Happy Monday!

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