Friday, November 21, 2014

Photo Friday: The New Faces of Sparks Street

When Ottawans think of Sparks Street, we think of a pedestrian mall that has undergone many transformations. Of a strip of many stores that have come and gone, where history meets the modern age—bricks and stone meet steel and glass.

Sparks Street isn't really known for its vibrant night life. Once the government offices close and the shop owners and staff leave for the evening, Sparks Street turns into a ghost town. Sure, there's D'Arcy McGee's at Sparks and Elgin, which does well after office hours, but it's along a major street and, being across from the National War Memorial, it is an attractive draw for many tourists and visitors to the downtown core.

But Sparks Street has a new restaurant that promises to draw more visitors to this historic avenue.

Bier Markt has had a soft opening this week, with a few private parties and then a general opening on Wednesday evening. And it shows the promise of success.

Owned by Prime Restaurants, which also owns D'Arcy's, Bier Markt features open spaces, a long bar with 46 taps (that's right: 46 taps with different beers), a stage for live music, a charcuterie bar, and even a back room that offers quieter dining.

I said they had 46 taps. They also have more than 150 beers advertised in their extensive beer list: I may have found a new home.

I visited the restaurant at a private party on Saturday, when the staff were getting their sea legs, so to speak, and again on Wednesday, when they were put to their paces. I didn't want to review the restaurant during these initial days, but rest assured, I will be back and will review the hell out of them.

I have a lot of beers to try.

For Photo Friday, I would like to introduce you to the managerial staff: general manager, Peter, and his assistant managers, Sasha and Adam, and chef, Sunmers. These are the new faces of Sparks Street.

Left to Right: Adam, Sasha, Peter, Sunmers.

Happy Friday!

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