Monday, November 24, 2014

Music Monday: I'm Not Okay

She's such a sweet kid.

She's kind-hearted and caring. She's smart. She's funny.

She likes to dance ballet and jazz. She likes to watch Dr. Who and Sherlock.

And she likes to dress in black with high-topped boots, with studs.

And she likes to listen to really loud rock.

She's my daughter.

At 13, she's developed her own taste in music, one that has diverged from the music that was played in the house through her formative years. I guess it's no different from when I was growing up, when my parents played Neil Diamond, Cat Stevens, and John Denver, and I fell head over heels for Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Yes*.

This weekend, my family and I drove down to Syracuse, NY, to visit a friend and get some shopping in before the Christmas madness sets in. Syracuse is not that far from Ottawa: even in sleet and rain, we made it in three hours. The trip home was even shorter.

During the drive, we listened to music. On the way down, I played songs; on the way home, the kids had the chance to play theirs.

I dreaded listening to my eldest daughter's music. I have heard it wailing from her bedroom and seeping out her headphones.

It's not my cup of tea.

But because I wanted to listen to the lyrics and try to understand what drew my daughter to this music, I had a listen. I asked her to play her favourite song from her favourite band, My Chemical Romance.

It's called I'm Not Okay (I Promise). Have a listen, but I warn you: if you're not quite awake when you start this video, you will be after the song is over—but not necessarily in a good way.

But the video itself is quite amusing.

I listened to several of this band's songs as we approached home. I have to say, some of the songs weren't that bad. Not my cup of tea, not something I would keep on my Android device, but I have had a taste of what gets my girl grooving and I respect it for what it is.

I still think she's a sweet kid. I hope she stays that way.

Happy Monday!

* I still like Neil Diamond and Cat Stevens (though I never really liked John Denver). My daughter still likes the music that we played around the house before she developed her new taste.

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