Monday, December 8, 2014

Animals and Art

I love the artwork of Andrew King. I only wish I could afford to hang some of his brilliant paintings on my walls.

This weekend, he and his partner, Alison Fowler (whose work I also adore), and Eryn O'Neill—all Ottawa-area artists—opened a Pop-Up Gallery in Westboro, which runs until December 20. Andrew will be selling his beautiful art, plus his t-shirts that display some of Ottawa's classic signs, as well as original drawings of his Mr. Loaf comic strip, which appears in OttawaStart.

Proceeds of the Mr. Loaf sales will go to the Ottawa Humane Society.

So it's only appropriate that Andrew won this month's Where In Ottawa photo challenge, which was the Humane Society's new facility, on Hunt Club Road.

Here are the clues, explained:
  1. No more Champagne for you: for decades, the Ottawa Humane Society was located on Champagne Avenue, just west of Little Italy. A couple of years ago, they moved to their larger, more-modern facility.
  2. It's just a shot away: this clue was tough. It's a line from my favourite Rolling Stones song, Gimme Shelter. Some of you, on Twitter, got the reference but not the clue. The Humane Society is, of course, an animal shelter.
  3. Inside, it's like it's pouring: another term for pouring is raining cats and dogs. Yeah, that clue was a stretch.
  4. Pick up & drop off: you can pick a pet here; you can also drop off lost or unwanted pets.
Congratulations, Andrew! I'll get you a copy of my book when I come to visit your gallery.

For the rest of you, go and see Andrew's, Alison's, and Eryn's lovely work. Buy some.

Where In Ottawa returns Monday, January 5.

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