Friday, December 5, 2014

Photo Friday: She Ain't Naked, She Just Looks That Way

I don't often tell my wife when I go to a model shoot. She gets funny about it.

She thinks I'm a perv.

And while I do love women and admire beautiful bodies, I sign up for these shoots because we focus on different types of lighting. And as I've said before, when I'm looking through my viewfinder to get the shot, I'm more focused on the photography, thinking about the composition of the shot, the lighting, getting the shot in focus, than I am on the actual subject.

I'm still not good at flash photography, and I'm still getting the hang of studio lights.

I know what my wife will think when she sees this photo: perv.

But my model wasn't naked. She was covered up, was exposing no more flesh than she would have, had she been basking on a sun-soaked beach.

She got naked later.

Happy Friday!

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