Monday, February 23, 2015

Music Monday: Breathe (Again)

An open letter to Midge Ure:

Dear Midge,

I'm very excited that in just over one week, you'll be returning to the Ottawa area and performing at the Black Sheep Inn, in Wakefield. It's a great venue: intimate, with a great view of the Gatineau River, in a quaint little town that's only a half hour north of downtown Ottawa. On stage, you'll be nice and close to your adoring fans.

And you will have fans at this show.

There will be those who have seen you perform at Barrymore's, in Ottawa, in the 80s, who are looking forward to hearing you again. There will be those who I have invited to join me, who have heard your songs over the past few months in my Music Monday posts, who are, no doubt, looking forward to hearing you live.

I'm willing to wager that I will be your biggest fan at the show. I have been a huge fan ever since you took the lead of Ultravox and throughout your successful solo career. I have listened, ceaselessly, to your music since 1980. I often sing it around the house.

You have influenced my musical taste, influenced me in my writing (my fictional character is loosely modeled after you): my first-published novel has a mention to you and to one of your songs.

If I was any bigger of a fan, I would border on stalker (don't worry: I'm not. Please know that I will keep a respectful distance. Though, I will be bringing a copy of my novel and would be honoured if you would accept it as a small token of my appreciation.)

For this Music Monday, I'm sharing a video of one of my favourite songs of yours, "Breathe." I have already shared an acoustic version of this song and I have seen a couple of videos, but this is my favourite one.

So, in advance of your visit, I offer some advice: you might want to ensure that you're dressed as you are in this video. It's been a hellish winter in our area, and that coat and hat will keep you warm.

These temperatures will take your breath away.

See you soon, Ross.

To my friends and family, this will be the last song of Midge's that I will play for Music Monday. I hope the music has inspired you to join me on March 3, not only to hear a great artist but to help me celebrate my 50th birthday, which is also next week.

No greater gift could be given than for you to be there (okay: if Midge asked me to join him in a song, I could die right after, a happy man). You can purchase your tickets to the show by clicking here. If you want to RSVP to my birthday event, go here.

Happy Monday!

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