Monday, April 13, 2015

Half-Moon Bay Park

The very first time that I saw it, I knew I was going to make it a Where In Ottawa spot. That was last summer.

As I drove through the latest development in my end of town, Half-Moon Bay, I saw this giant, lonely star on a hill and thought, I must shoot this. But I was on my way, somewhere, with my family in tow, and I knew that this wasn't the moment to stop and photograph it.

Besides, this statue needed a silhouette, at sunset, and I was seeing it at high noon, on an overcast day.

It took several seasons longer for me to finally head out to capture this star, and it is now the location of this month's challenge. Welcome to Half-Moon Bay Park, at the intersection of Greenbank and Cambrian Roads. It's kitty-corner to another Where In Ottawa location, Minto Recreation Complex.

Here are the clues, explained:
  1. Not Texas—that state is known for its Lone Star flag, and the object in my photo was a lone star, too.
  2. Where the half-moon & stars meet—this star is located in the park in Half-Moon Bay.
  3. You call that a bay? I call it a riverbend—and speaking of Half-Moon Bay, where is the bay, anyway? This neighbourhood is located just south of the Jock River, where Greenbank Road takes a turn around a crescent-like bend in the river. There is no bay. The name of this community puzzles me.
    At least it's not called something stupid, like Ampersand (the neighbourhood that is kitty-cornered to Half-Moon Bay from Greenbank and the Jock).
  4. Greenbank's only circle—in the many kilometres that make up Greenbank Road, from the Queensway to Prince of Wales Drive, there is only one traffic circle, and as you navigate it, you can't help but see this giant star (you can see the circle in the photo, above). 
I think it was the final clue that gave the location away. Congratulations to the person who identified himself or herself as Scooter and gave the correct answer. And while there was only one guess that was posted, this was the most-successful round, in terms of views.

See you for the next round, in May.

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