Friday, April 3, 2015

Photo Friday: Then and Now

In March of 1989, I had just started dating the woman who would later become my wife. I was 24, was the assistant manager for a camera store, was driving my third car, and loved to spend my free time driving around, with or without my girlfriend, taking photos with my Minolta X-700.

On a warm, sunny afternoon, I ended up at Hogs Back Falls, and I took lots of photos. We have two major sets of waterfalls in Ottawa, and by far, I feel the falls at Hogs Back are the most dramatic. On an active fault line, the rocks jut out randomly, split the running water into separate channels. Years ago, people would swim here, jumping off the rocks into the cool, deep pool.

Nowadays, signs warn that that activity is prohibited.

Near the falls, a canteen sells food and drink during the summer months. Over the years, the canteen has changed hands many times and is currently run by the Lone Star.

The roof, which has always reminded me of an old carousel, has changed colors over the decades. In 1989, when I had paid a visit with my manual, 35mm camera, the roof had undergone an fresh coat of red and white paint. Against a clear blue sky, the contrast was stark.

Today, there are multiple colours that adorn the canteen roof. I'm not as fond of the current colour choice: I prefer the simplicity of one primary colour and white. I prefer the colours that seemed to say that you're in Canada.

But, 26 years later, it is still one of my favourite spots.

Happy Friday!

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