Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Another Day of Rest

I'm glad that my manager called me on Friday, while I was in the Flatiron District, in New York City, to tell me that my business trip to Texas was cancelled. I wasn't looking forward to travelling the day after returning home from vacation, and with the crap that's gone on in Waco, I'm not confident that a trip to Texas at this time is in my best interest.

When I returned home, I had only enough energy to empty my suitcase, to put my dirty clothes in the laundry, and go to bed. I had no energy to even write a blog post, which would have been for Music Monday.

When I awoke yesterday morning, my brain was fried. I had very little energy, and didn't want to get out of bed. I think my age is starting to catch up with me. A weekend of fun had worn me out. So, on Victoria Day, I stayed home, did very little, and had only enough creativity to slap together a pathetic haiku.

Not all of my days are filled with ideas for the next day's blog post.

Not even today.

And so, as I recharge my body, I'm taking another day to gather my thoughts, to look over the photos I shot in NYC, and to get back into my blog.

I'll be sharing photos of my vacation tomorrow, but I thought I would share what I think is my best shot in Manhattan. It was spontaneous, in that I planned to photograph an empty subway platform, but when I saw a woman walking with her face in her smartphone, I couldn't resist. The moment would never happen again.

Just one more day of rest. And then, The Brown Knowser returns to normal.

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