Friday, May 22, 2015

Photo Friday: Puddle Shot

I hope you find my photos of New York City pleasing to look at. I took a lot of them, and plan to share my best with you.

I probably shared my best photo when I was too tired to write anything. Originally, the photo that I posted on Tuesday was going to be today's photo, but I couldn't wait.

That's okay. I've got more. I'll post more, next week, for Wordless Wednesday, and perhaps for the next Photo Friday. You can also see my photos in my Flickr album.

One of the things that I like to do after a rain storm is to find puddles that reflect interesting objects. In a city like Ottawa, where there aren't tons of tall buildings, it's not impossible but for me, it's a challenge, since I don't hang out downtown nearly as often as I used to.

In NYC, there are lots of tall buildings, lots of interesting structures to capture in reflections. On Sunday morning, as my wife and I cycled around the Financial District, one puddle took up much of the path. And as I approached, a perfect reflection revealed itself to me, and I had to stop. I had my D-SLR strapped to my back, like a shotgun. I swung it around, and shot.

I love New York.

Happy Friday!

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