Monday, June 29, 2015

Music Monday: Nude

I hope this post's title doesn't attract all the wrong kinds of hits. IT'S MUSIC, PEOPLE!

Once again, I've chosen a random track from my smartphone, and this time, I've come up with a band that I like because their music is as varying as all the rest of my music from the many artists I have stored on my device.

Radiohead can have loud, driving rock beats and soft, ethereal melodies. They can have a techo-synthesized sound or a catchy pop one. Radiohead is a lot of things.

As we move into the summer and vacations, where we like to kick back and relax, their song, "Nude," from their album, In Rainbows, is a soft, mesmerizing tune.

Enjoy: just keep your clothes on if you're listening to this song at the office.

Happy Monday!

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