Monday, June 15, 2015

Music Monday: Swingset Chain

In choosing today's pick for Music Monday, I decided to pick a random song from my smartphone and share it with you. When selecting this random song, I was able to find a video that I could share with you. For as long as I can do it, this is how I will run Music Monday in the future (until the randomness looks like I only have a couple of artists. Or only a handful of songs).

Years ago, before I had an iPod, before I even had a Sandisk MP3 player, I had a glorified USB stick that was meant to hold MP3 files that could easily be played by inserting it into any device with a USB port. I had a car stereo that accepted this stick, read the metadata, and displayed the songs on my radio.

The stick came pre-loaded with five songs, and to this day I have four of them that are now stored on my Android phone.

One of them is by a California band called Loquat. They are best described as an indie-pop/folk/adult-alternative group whose strengths lie in their guitar and vocals, primarily from lead, Kylee Swenson Gordon.

The song that I have carried from device to device, over the years, "Swingset Chain," has solid strings and melodious harmonies. It is soft and lilting, and always relaxes me. I have searched for other songs from this band and was pleased to find that they do a great cover of The Smiths' song, "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out."

Perhaps, some day, I'll share that song.

For now, have a listen to "Swingset Chain."

Happy Monday!

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