Friday, June 26, 2015

Photo Friday: Early Clue

If you're a regular follower of my blog, you know that on the first Monday of each month, I run a contest in which I take a photo of some location in Ottawa, and you are invited to identify where that location is.

I choose the spot for the contest in a couple of ways. Sometimes, I see a location and tell myself that I want to return to it at some point (usually, the weekend before the contest date) to photograph it when the light is just right or when I have the time to explore the building, or statue, or park, and can take a photo from an angle that will hopefully keep you guessing.

Other times, I find myself in a spot, with camera in hand, and I say to myself, "this is the spot. I'm going to use this as the next Where In Ottawa." I take the photo and hang onto it until the next contest date.

Just like I did last week.

I came across this place by accident. I missed a turn, got caught in the flow of traffic, and turned on some side streets for a neighbourhood in which I rarely find myself. I made several turns onto streets I didn't know, and finally pulled over when a structure caught my eye. I took several photos, enough to share over several Wordless Wednesdays and Photo Fridays. It was a beautiful surprise spot.

If you like to play Where In Ottawa, I'm going to give you an early clue: the location is a park.

That is not the best of clues, because when I finally show the contest photo, on July 6, you'll quickly figure that the location is in a park. But Ottawa must have hundreds of parks, so it'll come down to you finding the correct park.

Here's another clue: today's photo was also shot in that park.

If you can figure out this spot before July 6, I'll learn that I can't provide early clues. And, I'll have to find another spot for the actual contest.

Happy Friday!

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