Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Il/elle n'a pas la nom

Originally, I was going to reveal the location of the Where In Ottawa photo challenge simply as a Wordless Wednesday post, but then I realized that it needed some explanation.

First, I needed to convey a warm congratulations to Tina Klein Walsh, who correctly identified the sculpture, Il/elle n'a pas la nom, by Québec artist, Marc-Antoine Côté, located near the Alexandra Bridge.

I came upon this metallic object, quite by chance, when I was photographing the sunset from Nepean Point, a few weeks ago. I saw another sculpture, along the bike path that crosses the Ottawa River, into our neighbouring province to the north, and I went down to investigate. It was there, as I looked out towards the river and Parliament Hill, that just below, on another level, this sculpture lay out of sight.

From the street level, you can't see it. Ironic, considering the sign near the sculpture reads, "This public art project aims to increase the visibility of works of art in the urban space of Canada's Capital Region."

No matter: it was no trouble for Tina.

Enough words. Here are more images.

Where In Ottawa will return when The Brown Knowser resumes its regular schedule. Thanks to all of you who have played this challenge in the past.

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