Friday, December 18, 2015

Photo Friday: May the Hos Be With You

It seems that you can't get away from Star Wars.

I have to give it to my neighbours, though: they pulled out all the stops, went to great lengths—kind of when Darth Vader spared no expense, person, or ships, to search for Luke Skywalker.

On the day that The Force Awakens hits cities across North America, I thought I would share how some folks on my street really got into the spirit... or is that the Force?

There's the Millennium Falcon, making the jump to hyperspace; there are stormtroopers on skis; there's R2D2, with a Santa cap, and lightsaber-wielding Yoda and Vader. The soundtrack to the movies plays through speakers.

There's even the Death Star, firing its weapon at an exploding bush.

All in the season of peace and joy.

And Star Wars.

Happy Friday! May the Force be with you, and Season's Greetings.

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